Bridge to Elementary

Ages  5-6

Our Bridge to Elementary program offers one hour weekly therapy sessions for children approximately 5-6 years old. The Bridge to Elementary FIT program provides interactive, gross motor activities and games to reinforce a variety of social skills lessons. The skill-based gym activities emphasize cooperation, fair play, and friendship building with their peers. Some of the social skills that are worked on throughout the year include staying on task, teamwork and sportsmanship, reading body language, reading others’ feelings, dealing with mistakes, and offering help. This program uses the same curriculum as the Elementary FIT program but at a reduced pace and with a little more support from the staff to help students stay on track.

Schedule changed due to COVID-19, call (216) 292-7370 for details.

Please note: Prior to registering for any FIT program, each child must attend a 30 minute consultation, which can be scheduled at our Beachwood office by calling (216)292-7370.