Who We Are

F.I.T. (FRIENDSHIP IN TEAMS) is a unique social skills program that offers children a chance to make friends in a fun, engaging environment.  At F.I.T., children develop valuable social thinking, conversation and self-regulation skills: the tools they need to connect with peers and form friendships!  


“From the Founder”

When I first began working with young children, I realized that every child truly has a gift.  Sometimes that gift is hard to see because there are factors that shroud it such as echolalia, inattention, anxiety, and underdeveloped language.  When children are taught in an environment that is fun, nurturing and supportive, they thrive.  Their gifts begin to shine through and that is the moment when they finally feel understood, and their parents realize that their child is not defined by their diagnosis.  The FIT Program was developed in order to help children learn how to socialize, make friends, play games, and communicate in an authentic environment.  Capable therapists, aides and typical peers are there every step of the way to encourage and shape new skills. FIT truly helps each child grow and thrive.

Nicole Gerami, M.A., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist


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